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New-Year, New-You Cleanse

Come join us for a New Year - New You Group 28-Day Cleanse beginning January 6, 2020.  Our goal is to work with 100 patients and friends to get healthier and LOSE A COMBINED TOTAL OF 2,000 POUNDS!  Our support services will begin January 6, but you can start anytime in January and we will be right by your side the entire way through.    

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28 Days to the Healthiest, Happiest Version of YOU!

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Your body is not easily able to release many toxins that you come in contact with on a daily basis.  Whether through: 

- air

- water

- foods

- medications and immunizations

- or products you use on your hair, skin and nails...

 your body takes on these burdens that can erode your health.  

The Standard Process 28-Day Detox Balance system can help you lose weight, feel better, look better, and release up to 15 years of accumulated toxins.  The body houses toxins in fat cells.  This system releases the toxins, reducing fat cell size.  



"Cleanse", "Detox", "Purification"... you likely hear these terms bantered about all the time.  But what do they mean?  Most of these products are harsh, unhealthy colon cleaners.  A cleaner colon does not equal better health.  The system we recommend at Katy Lifestyle actually cleanses on a CELLULAR level, engaging the liver's powerful cleansing system to turn fat-soluble toxins into water-soluble for elimination through the bowel, urine and sweat glands.  There are no drugs, no chemicals involved.   Whole foods are the mechanism for cleansing.  

We recommend the Standard Process 28-Day Detox Balance for many other reasons: 

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RELIABILITY: Standard Process has researched and manufactured whole food nutritional products for over 90 years.  These products are only offered through trained, licensed practitioners and are tried and true.  Many of the nutritional healing miracles we see in our office are accomplished with Standard Process products.

EASE:  The system is no-fuss.  Scoop, Mix and Enjoy delicious shakes plus a healthy eating plan.  The system comes with a progress tracker, shopping list, recipes, and guide.  This new system includes the necessary nutrients INSIDE the shake.  No separate cleanse pills or fiber pills to swallow. 

SUPPORT:  In addition to the extensive guide provided by Standard Process, our office is ready to provide additional online support, live support with our trained staff and doctors; and the supportive power of undertaking this process as part of a group.  There is power in numbers!  Together we can go far!



We know how difficult it was to keep healthy habits during the holidays.  Parties, treats at the office, and other celebrations may have left you feeling tired, sluggish, and you may have put on a few extra pounds.  The beginning of the year is a great time to make a fresh start with your resolution to maintain healthier habits.  You can accomplish a lot in 28 days.  Lose some weight, feel better, look better.  Reboot your health and kick-start some new life-long healthy habits.  You can set yourself on a healthy path to make 2020 your best year yet.  

In just 28 days, you can be a healthier, happier version of YOU!  

- Lose weight

- Increase energy

- Improve mental clarity

- Reduce allergies

- and more!


Stop by or call us today to reserve your kit.  Supplies sell out fast.  Make sure you have your kit in time to start with the group.  Purchase your 28-Day Cleanse and get a free blender bottle and tracker/recipe book.  

The cost is $253.50.  The value is priceless!