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Ready, Set, Go - Preparation

Congratulations on your decision to take this important journey to improve your health!  Let's get ready for the journey.  Follow this checklist:   

1) Take the Toxicity Survey - Save your completed survey and mark it with today's date.  This is your "Before" picture.  We will take another Toxicity Questionnaire at the end of the cleanse so that you can see the improvements you've made.  You may have received this survey from our office, but you will also find a copy in your program book.  For your convenience, we've also added a link to the survey at the bottom of this page to print at home.  

2)  Get your SP Detox Balance Products -  If you are following the 28 day program, you will need 3 canisters.  If you purchased only one to start, and you plan to continue the entire 28 days, please allow 3 business days to order and receive additional canisters from our office.  If you are planning to do only 10 days on the program and you later decide that you want to continue, you can call us to order more product.  Again, please give us 3 business days.  This is a very popular season for this product and we sell out daily.  You will also need at least 1 blender bottle.  (More if you hate washing it after each meal).  To make more elaborate shakes, have a blender on hand.  

3) Familiarize yourself with the Program Guide.  Identify your protein needs for this program (Page 66).  You will likely be getting more protein on this plan than you are used to, but it serves the importance of improving your detox pathways.  Pay close attention to the shopping list/allowed foods.  If you want to lose weight, we recommend that you remove the "Healthy Grains" section from your meals.  Also, we recommend that you earmark page 67/68 so that you can easily record your progress in your tracker.  

4) Clean out your pantry and fridg.  Remove the temptation of sweets, processed foods, and other non-allowables from access.  

5) Wean yourself from coffee/caffeine.  Attention Coffee Lovers:  This may be the most challenging change.  We recommend that you reduce coffee/caffeine slowly, beginning several days before you start the program.  After starting, you may experience a coffee-withdrawal headache.  It will be ok to take a sip of coffee to take the edge off. After doing this a few days, you will be home free!

6.  Put together a meal plan for the first few days.  The program guide has some recommended meal plans, shopping list, and great recipes.  If your goal is to also lose some weight, we recommend that you stay away from the grains. (Even the healthy ones)  Connect with our team on facebook as we are trying out the recipes in the book.

Cooking not your thing?  No worries. Here is a list of budget-minded, cleanse-friendly restaurants near our office that our staff likes.  

- Zoe's Kitchen

- Salata

- Dish Society

- Fadi's

- Panera Bread 

- Snap Kitchen

- Snappy Salads

- Newk's

- Anywhere that offers salads and/or meat and veggies.  Organic produce and grass-fed meats are best, but are not always available.  Make the best choices you can, but don't stress out. Perfection is not required.  

Best wishes for a Happy, Healthy, Successful Cleanse! 

Pre-Cleanse Toxicity Questionaire

Click on the survey icon below.  Print the 2-page survey and complete it.  Total up each section and then calculate your grand total.  If you total 6 or more in any section, or have a grand total of more than 40, you are the ideal candidate for this program.  Hold on to your survey results and complete the survey again once you have completed the cleanse for a quick comparison of what you accomplished!