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Week 3

As of this point, you have completed 21 days on the cleanse!  Studies show that it takes 21 days to form new habits.  Hopefully, you have formed some better food selection habits.  This, combined with information we learned about toxins in foods, will set you on a really great path to health and wellness.  

Over the past week, we have heard the following feedback from our "Cleanse Friends": 

  • Sleeping better
  • Skin is clearer and has a great glow
  • Sugar cravings are gone
  • Better bowel regularity
  • Thought clarity (Brain fog is gone!)
  • Amazing energy!
  • One exciting story came from one of our patients who had a visit with her medical doctor to review blood-work.  "Whatever you are doing... keep doing it!" was the MD's comment.  This patient's blood-work was PERFECT.  The MD plans to wean her off years of medications, including blood-thinners.     
  • Another patient had been dealing with itchy, gooey, scaly, scalp (as she described it) and is thrilled that it has completely cleared up.  

What's your story?  Please share it with us.  

This week, we'll focus on reducing toxins in our personal care products. FYI:  Did you know that the FDA does not require any safety testing of personal care products?  This means that YOU must be your own safety inspector when it comes to choosing products for yourself and your family.

skin products

If you used the Healthy Living app last week to look up your food favorites, you probably found that the app is fantastic for reviewing toxins in your personal care products.  In fact, there are 128,000 items in the database at this time and MOST of them are personal care products.    

skin deep

We recommend that you start slowly with one category of product.  If your favorite product is rated 4 or higher, find a substitute with a lower score.  This will reduce your toxic burden and you'll find that your next cleanse is much easier to do.   (Less to clean up). 

Where will you start?  

The easiest place to start is with:  

  • Bath soap
  • Body lotions
  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Deodorant
  • Sunscreen

To get you off to a great start, here are some favorites that our staff has tried and tested: 

  • "Good Soap" bathsoap sold exclusively at Whole Foods.  We like the lavender scent the best.  
  • "Native" deodorant - No aluminum, sulfates, or parabens.  Purchase online
  • "Acure" products for body and hair - available at Whole foods
  • "Milk + Honey Cream Deodorant" available at Milk+Honey salons and Amazon
  • Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Bar soap - Available at Whole Foods.  

Want to make your own natural products at home?  There are lots of ideas on the web.  You can start here:

Once you have these simple changes made, start to focus on:  

  • Makeup
  • Nail polish
  • Shaving cream
  • Hairspray
  • Body Fragrances
  • Hair Color and other Hair products
  • Toothpaste & Mouth Washes

Summary:  A significant source of toxins are absorbed through our skin.  Whatever you put on your skin will eventually make its way to the bloodstream.  Once in the bloodstream, these toxins can make their way to organs, glands, and cells, placing toxin burden on the body.  You have an abundance of choices for personal care products.  And, you have information at your fingertips to evaluate them.  Don't aim for 100% in safe products.  It's virtually impossible and will just make you crazy.  Instead, make thoughtful choices.  Make small changes over time.  The products you use on your skin today affects the shape of your health tomorrow.  

Next week: We'll share information about reducing toxins in your environment.